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Ever been a cybercrime victim??? I have been one!

Cybercrime         A threat that is increasing day-by-day in this world. Where few companies are taking privacy seriously while most others are making a joke out of public data. May it be our Schools, Colleges, Government… so on the list goes on.   Collecting data and selling it is the new business of today’s world. For a few bucks, the sites whom we trustfully/compulsorily have to give access to our personal details to buy/use their product/services, collect our data, and sell them off to marketing companies who misuse it / put our confidential data open to the public with their less secure/unencrypted data storage system. Leading to spam calls/messages and sometimes a threat to our reputation as someone might misuse our details for their personal benefits. Most commonly seen on social media nowadays.   Most of us think “What worse could someone do from my data?” Even for many of us, data security is not the top-most priority and we often take it lightly and end up causing trouble for

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